How to? firmware Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro

How to? firmware Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro

Instructions on firmware smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro for the official stable or developers’ firmware reflash the phone on custom firmware, installation of a custom TWRP recovery and getting Root

Official firmware Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro

Download the official firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime, but do not forget that the official update to move from China to the global (or you version) can not only China – china, Global – global
Download the official firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime China stable 8.1.20 , China developer 6.12.1
Connect your device to your computer and copy the firmware file to the smartphone memory ‘downloaded_rom’ folder.
On your phone, start the Updater application
Click on the icon ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the screen, select “Select Pack ‘, and select the file previously downloaded firmware file that you copied to a folder downloaded_rom

официальная прошивка xiaomi

After choosing what the smartphone will start firmware upgrade. On the firmware installation is complete, restart the smartphone itself.

Unlocking the bootloader Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro and localized firmware or custom firmware

How do I know if the bootloader is locked at Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro?

Download fastboot archive with the program and the necessary tools unpack in the root of drive C

We get a fastboot folder with the necessary files

run a command line Start – Run – cmd, recruit

Connect your phone to fastboot mode (off the phone while holding the volume button – connect to your computer and see the display in rabbit fur hat)
In the command prompt window recruit

cd C: \ fastboot
fastboot devices

After the introduction of our teams we see the connected phone, later in the same command prompt window dials

fastboot oem device-info

and see the state of our bootloader lock, depending on the response received, the item will be divided into 2 parts:

a) You will receive a reply Device unlocked: false means you perehoidte to paragraph 3
b) You will receive a reply Device unlocked: true congratulate you and you can safely proceed to the next Act

You got an answer – false and you need to unlock it (if necessary), then doing everything according to the “Instructions for unlocking the bootloader xiaomi

If you receive a reply Device unlocked: true safely continue.

I had a phone with the official Chinese firmware MIUI 8.0 Stable and check naturally produced results – false.

To unlock the bootloader need Chinese developer -skaya firmware. China developer 6.12.1

When you try to install the firmware immediately by E in fastboot flash crashes error “Flash tz error”, so look further:

It is necessary to send the phone in download from the fastboot mode – to switch off this phone, hold Gromkost- and the power key, after booting you still see a hare in a fur hat, connect the cable. Go to the folder adb on drive C. Then, in the command line (shift + right click, then open a command window), enter the following:
C: / adb fastboot oem edl
It is certainly possible in the download mode to try get this – hold the volume + and power, the screen to choose download
The screen switches off – it means the phone entered solve download. To set the phone itself does not turn on, disconnect the cable.
In MiFlash chose the firmware, the bottom is checked All clean, and right All flash connect the phone and press a Refresh, and then only Flash.

We enter the akkakunt synchronizing. Go to settings, Tapan version proshiki – activate Developer mode. we go there, we find the resolution slider factory unlock and turn on debugging yusb.
Downloading MiUnlock and go to your akkaun. Turn off your phone and enter the fastbut, connect the phone click unlock, 50% may hang and stand for long.

Installation of a custom TWRP recovery and root + SuperSU on Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro

If you get up to this point, all drivers and ADB must be installed on your computer, if not, then swing and set.
Next we need custom recovery download twrp recovery Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime is suitable for miui miui 7 and 8

Download SuperSU for Redmi Prime 4

The smartphone settings include “debugging on USB” (tychem on the “build number” 7raz, menu “for developers” and switch it on).
Download TWRP put in a folder with the ADB, renaming it “recovery.img” ADB folder must be the or look like this
Now go to the folder c ADB and open a terminal, press and hold the shift key and right-click anywhere in the folder, and in the menu “open a command prompt”

Then connect your phone to the computer and reboot the device in fastboot mode on the phone off by holding the “Power + Volume Down” at the same time. On the body appears hare and fastboot inscription.
Check the phone connection to the computer, enter this command in a terminal fastboot devices and press enter.

If all is well, sew. To do this, enter in a terminal command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and press enter. The window must be so

asus fastboot

All, TWRP stitched. When first loaded, the phone can not enter into TWRP using the buttons. Exit – enter the terminal command – fastboot boot recovery.img press enter and the phone will reboot into TWRP, well, or try to pinch and hold the Power button + volume up, when the appearance of the icon “Mi” release.

Select the language in the TWRP recovery language that you understand. If asked password – press cancel. Next to “date” is blocked and is not mounted in the TWRP recovery, so if the body has a firmware files or something like that then, TWRP recovery simply do not see it. To check this, go to trvp to mount and put a check on the data. If you put a check mark, go to the section of the restoration, we find the sdcard, open, if you see your folders and files (I have not seen), then format the data is not necessary. You copy in memory of the smartphone application “superpower” and install it.

In TWRP recovery go to Wipe partition and click “format data” and in the dialog box “yes”
After all these procedures, in order to avoid bugs, many are advised to restart the TWRP. To do this, go to the main screen and press rekaveri reboot, then press the restart in recovery. You will restart in recovery.

Install custom firmware on the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime / Pro via the TWRP recovery

First you need to download the firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 4 under Prime TWRP *** in format zip, eg.:

Download custom firmware for Redmi 4 pro – CyanogenMod 13.0 , GreatSlon ROM 6.12.8 (MIUI 8) ,  MalchikSolnce (MIUI 8) , 6.12.15 (MIUI 8)

Boot in TVRP (on the phone is switched off at the same time we press the power button and the volume +. When the logo Mi, release the button and wait for the download to TWRP). In TWRP recovery mode, connect your phone Xiaomi Redmi Prime 4 to the PC, he should see it, we throw it previously downloaded firmware for TWRP.

Then “install” button (Install), and specify the path to the firmware in .zip format (must be in the directory / sdcard, this internal phone storage) and swipe confirm the beginning of the installation. Usually the installation takes 3 – 4 minutes, sometimes may be delayed up to 10 (depending on firmware).

When the installation is complete, if all goes well, there will be two buttons. Click first on “Wipe cache / dalvik”, then on “load in”, and wait. The initial download may take 5 – 10 minutes.

In most cases, in the firmware for TWRP and Root already installed SuperSU. Check if not, then sews through TWRP zip SuperSU

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