How to flash firmware Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F

How to flash firmware Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F

Step by step instructions how to flash firmware a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F a new official or custom firmware. Getting root permissions on Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F, the installation of a custom  TWRP Recovery.

Install official firmware on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 smartphone, with the help of Samsung Odin service program. In order to install the new firmware on your smartphone first need to download several files on your PC:

Drivers –  the SAMSUNG the USB Driver

Proshivator program – Odin

Download the latest official firmware for the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) SM-A520F

Official service firmware  Galaxy A5 (2017) – A520FXXU1APLS  android 6.0.1

Before flashing your phone, you must first decrypt it.
To remove the lock from the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 need to disable blocking of reactivation. Go to “Settings” – “Lock Screen and protection” – “Find your phone”, and disable “activation lock” Before and after the firmware update procedure, you must do a master reset the device to factory settings, in order to avoid all sorts of errors and interface slowdown.

During this procedure, all your data and files will be permanently removed.

Option 1: On your device, open the “Settings”> “Backup and reset”> “Accounts”> “Clear Data”> “DEVICE RESET” and press the “Delete All”

Option 2: Turn off the device, press and hold the “Volume Up (Volume Up)», «Home (Central)” and “Power supply (the Power)” and menu appears after a few seconds «Recovery». In the «Recovery» menu, select «Wipe data / factory reset» -> «Yes – delete all user data», will begin deleting all user data. After the process is complete, select the «Reboot system now» and the device begins to restart.

This step can be skipped, but remember! If you do not reset the data after the update may appear “lags” and unstable operation of the device in general due to the tails of the previous firmware, and more recently to the complete discharge of the smartphone you also need to delete your Google account, otherwise the smartphone can be blocked.

Once you have downloaded, unpack the archive with the driver for samsung 2017 A5 and install it. Then, unpack the archive with the firmware and Odin.
Run the program for the Galaxy A5 2017 Odin firmware administrator. To do this, move the cursor to Odin and the right mouse button and select “Run as administrator”, then click “Yes”.

After the launch Odin, we arrange the firmware files in the following order:
the BL ………. tar.md5 file into a «BL» Field
File AP ………. tar.md5 inserted into field «AP»
File CP ………. tar.md5 inserted in the «CP»
File CSC …….. tar.md5 inserted in the «CSC»

firmware odin Samsung

We check to “show” were only in the fields of “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time”

Translate phone Samsung a5 2017 in flashing mode. To do this, turn off your phone and then press and hold the “Volume Down”, “Home” and “Power” button and then the menu is displayed with a yellow triangle click the button “Volume up”
Connect the smartphone using the included USB cable to a PC and the program of Odin in the upper left corner should sign “COM” illuminated blue background appears, and then press the button «Start».

Note: If you have, for whatever reasons, the PC does not recognize your device, try reinstalling the driver and / or try another USB port.

Firmware smartphone Process launched. After successful firmware, reboot the device automatically and “Finish” appears in Odin program.

odin v3

That’s all! The first phone loading lasts a little longer than usual, do not panic everything will be OK.

Installation of a custom TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-520

TWRP Recovery на Jiayu S3

And so begin the installation of a custom recovery on Samsung A5

If you have not yet installed on your PC drivers Samsung then dowload and set. Then, connect, using a standard USB cable, your smartphone to your computer. Once the PC recognizes the phone automatically to install additional drivers and updates.

We need Odin 3 software download Odin

Then download the custom itself rekaveri for Samsung A5 2017 –  TWRP recovery the SM-A520f

Turn off your smartphone, and then (on off) press and hold “sound to the bottom” + “Power” + home button until the phone boots in Odin mode (Download Mode). You will see a warning, confirm the desire to load in this mode by pressing the “Volume up”.

Translated phone Odin Mode mode, connect to a PC using a standard USB cable.

Run the program on the PC flasher Odin 3 as administrator

In line AR to specify the path to the previously downloaded file with custom rekaveri A5 TWRP Recovery extension “.img.tar” and select it

Odin 3

Remove the check mark from the “auto reboot” and press the start (the phone must ask firmware no more than 30 seconds, the result should be a (succeed 1 / failed 0);

Prior to the full completion of the process of the firmware do not touch smartphone, firmware usually lasts no longer than 30 seconds.

Not including the gadget in a working condition, straight from the mode Download mode move to the newly installed TWRP Recovery, holding the three buttons (volume up + home + power button, with the appearance of the inscription Samsung release button).

All! Rejoice.

Installing custom firmware on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520

To install custom firmware on Samsung Galaxy A5 phone of a custom requires a recovery TWRP Recovery, if you do no see. Paragraph above.

Download to PC any custom firmware that you like, for example:

lineage OS 14.1 Samsung A5 2017

cm-14.1 20170108 android 7.1 Samsung-Galaxy a5 2017

Then copy the firmware file to the phone memory and turn off the smartphone. Then you need to download the smartphone custom recovery TWRP Recovery (to pinch off the phone power button + up button thunder. + HOME)

And in TWRP Recovery install a modified firmware for A520f

Go to the item and select Wipe Wipe the Advanced
Put a tick counts: “Dalvik Cache”, “System , Data”, “Cache”, “Android Secure”.
Making the “Swipe to Wipe”
Go to the Install -> Select the memory, which is custom firmware, and select Swipe to Confirm Flash, begin the installation
After you install the recovery point to Reboot -system and begin to restart the device.

Done! You have successfully flashed custom firmware! reboot your smartphone and enjoy having fun (without paying custom firmware bugs)

Root on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Usually all custom firmware already contain a root privileges, so to get root, you can simply install a modified firmware. But if suddenly you do not want to put custom firmware or custom does not contain the root, then follow the instructions below.

In order to successfully obtain Root on Samsung a5 2017 you should be TWRP recovery (it can be installed according to the instructions above)

Download program  SuperSU v2.76

Getting Root-rights.
1. Copy the file “” in the SD-card root.
2. On your smartphone, see “Developer options” activate “USB Debugging” and “Unlock, product. Manuf. The OEM”
3. Go to the TWRP (with the phone off hold down the “Home + Vol_Up + Power”) .
4. Then go to “Setup” and is on the SD-card “”, set.
5. Click “Reboot into the OS.” Loading is long enough, the phone may reboot several times, it is normal.
6. Check for Root rights.
7. “Developer options” do not touch – activated items you do not interfere with nothing.

After installing TWRP can format the “Data” section to return to the factory settings. TWRP SuperSU and thus will not disappear.

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