How to flash Lenovo A5000, receive Root, custom recovery

How to flash lenovo a5000


Instructions firmware Lenovo A5000 smartphone to a new version of the operating system Android, as well as getting Root (superuser) and installation of a custom recovery TWRP 2.8 on the Lenovo A5000

Method firmware Lenovo A5000 smartphone through the program proshivator SP Flash Tool:
1. Prior to any manipulation with your smart phone, we strongly recommend making a backup of all data;
2. Download the required drivers and firmware:

MTK Droid tools

Drivers marching with the phone

Program proshivator  SP Flash Tool 5.1428

Official Firmware –  A5000_S025_150121_ROW.rar

Unofficial firmware –  A5000_S025_150121_ROW_lite-by-frost-UA  or  Lenovo_A5K_slimfresh_v10

3. Unzip all drivers and install on your PC, the firmware and SP Flash Tool unzip to the root of any drive;
4. Start the Administrator program SP Flash Tool, after the launch press Ctrl + O and go to the point Download, put a check in front DA DL All with Checksum, then close the options window;

SP Flash Tool
SP Flash Tool

5. In the Download-Agent choose MTK_AllInOne_DA (if not selected);
6. In the Scatter-loading File, select the file MT6582_Android_scatter.txt, which is in the folder with the firmware and wait until the program will check the integrity of the firmware file (usually a few seconds);
8. The drop-down menu that immediately below the inscription Scatter-loading File, select the “Download Only”, are not to be confused otherwise risk damaging the phone;
9. Turn off the phone, remove the sim card and the card is not necessary;
10. The program of the SP Flash Tool click the Download button with a green down arrow.
11. Connect using the included USB cable off Lenovo a5000 smartphone to your computer, and then have to start the process of firmware.
12. Upon completion of the download (firmware) will appear with a large check mark.

SP Flash Tool v5.1452
13. Unplug the phone from the USB include it. usually the first load lasts a little longer than usual (from 3 to 10 minutes).
14. After the initial setup, but before installing all the applications, check your region. The dialer (program for making calls) recruit #### # 682 and see what is written in the window Current code. If it is written CH, then choose their own, Hit OK and wait while the phone to make a wipe / system and / data. Then we set up a re-use and on health.

Getting Root (super user rights) on the smartphone Lenovo A5000

1. Download the archive – Vroot
2. Connect your phone Lenovo A5000 to your computer and connect to the menu method to select CD-ROM;
3. Set LenovoUsbDriver_autorun_1.0.12.exe;
4. Switch the phone in mass storage mode and enable debugging of USB (in the same menu at the bottom);
5. Run and install VRoot, wait for updating the database device until the button Root. Click on the Root and wait until it was over the phone reboot itself;
Lenovo S8 root

Congratulations, you now have Lenovo A5000 with super user privileges Root

Since the program Vroot installed only in Chinese, you can install the Russian version (hereinafter – when requesting root right button means “Provide Root”):

1. thrown off on phone image Superuser.apk (archival);
2. Using the file manager go in the / System / app and delete Superuser.apk;
3. Install the downloaded file and restart the device and use the Russified version of Ruta.

Installation of a custom recovery TWRP 2.8 on the Lenovo A5000

0. We get Ruth if it’s not on the instructions above,
1. Download the archive TWRP_2.8_Lenovo_A5000.rar  and dump the files on the phone. File TWRP.img must lie at the root of the internal memory
2. Set Mobileuncle MTK Tools;
3. Open Mobileuncle MTK Tools and look for item “Upgrade Recovery”;
4. Select a file TWRP.img;
5. Click “OK”;
6. Thereafter, a restart can either return to normal operation.

Note: In order to log in you need to recovery Mobileuncle MTK Tools choose “mode In Recovery”. In yet another way.

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