How to flash Lenovo A8 (A806, A808T)

How to flash lenovo a8

Detailed instructions for firmware smartphone Lenovo A8 (A806, A808T) in the new official or custom firmware with the help of a custom program or SP_Flash_Tool rekaveri TWRP.

The first step is to download the drivers to connect a smartphone to your PC

MTK65xx_Driver, Lenovo Usb autorun Driver  1.0.12,  SP the Flash Tool v5.1408

Next, you need to download the firmware for the phone itself  Lenovo A8 (A806, A808T)

Firmware A806 – Official  AOSP  V3,  MIUI V7,

Firmware A808t – officially I,   AOSP  V3,  MIUI V7,  LewaV6

We also need a custom rekaveri TWRP for our smartphone with which we will be able to flash on the Lenovo A8 (A806, A808T) custom firmware.

Install all the drivers on your PC and run the program proshivator SP Flash Tool click the button labeled Scatter-loading point to the file Android_scatter (in the folder previously downloaded our firmware)

Lenovo A8 - SP Flash Tool

If you decide to sew on your smartphone Lenovo A8 (A806, A808T) original firmware no custom recovery, after adding all the files in the program SP Flash Tool just press the button “Dowload”. But and if you decide to flash the custom firmware or original with TWRP, then you need to remove all ticks and prompt recovery to push the last point.

Lenovo A8 - SP Flash Tool

Indicates our downloaded image TWRP, the result will be like this

Lenovo A8 - SP Flash Tool

To verify all the done klik on the options button and go to the tab download, where the presence of a tick check at the point of da dl all with checksum. If checked on the spot, close the settings window and click on the large green arrow with the word “Download”, and then take out the battery from the phone and connect it to a PC as soon as the connection is to automatically start the process of firmware.

If you decide to sew on your smartphone custom firmware, you need to throw the firmware file to the root of SD card storage.

Upon completion of the firmware disconnect the phone from the PC and insert the battery at the same time we press down the sound up and down (and keep them) and press the power key (and keep to vibration), release the key. When you see the on-screen image TWRP releases a key sound, well, here we are in the menu TWRP.

Be sure to do wipe data, cache, dalvik.

Then choose “Install” – choose the firmware zip file – and start the installation process – and then reboot the smartphone with the new firmware.

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