How to flash Lenovo P70, root

How to flash lenovo p70, root, flash, firmware

Step by step instructions on firmware smartphone Lenovo P70 two methods on a new original or custom firmware through the program SP Flash Tool installation of a custom or rekaveri TWRP Recovery.

First method, setting the firmware (whether official or custom) through the program proshivator  SP Flash Tool

Preparing for firmware

First you need to download to PC software for firmware smartphone Lenovo P70  SP Flash Tool  and driver to communicate with the PC phone  usb rom Driver Lenovo , after downloading unzip and install the drivers, and SP Flash Tool just unzip in the root directory of your file system (for example, C: / SP Flash Tool /). Then you need to download the firmware itself, on KOTRA and we sew our smartphone Lenovo P70, for example, the official website of Lenovo –  lenovo_p70-a_osc_201501.rar

Custom firmware –  P70-A_FT_savyol.rar

Turn off your smartphone and take it in hand, insert the cable USB / microUSB that comes with the phone into USB-port of your computer.
We connect the phone (turned off) to the USB cable, the PC will make the automatic to the driver installation. (WIndows 8.1 exactly, but as for the old version – do not know). If all of a sudden, automatic installation has not occurred to us will have to install a driver for the firmware smartphone Lenovo P70 and independently (handles).

Installing the firmware on your smartphone

Run the program SP Flash Tool previously rozarhivirovanoy folder administrator.

Running SP Flash Tool
Running SP Flash Tool

 Press the Scatter-Loading, go to the folder and select the firmware file MTK6589_Andriod_scatter_emmc.txt

SP Flash Tool
SP Flash Tool

MUST  be spotted  check ALL DA DL With Check Sum , otherwise get after flashing do not include the unit.

Push the button  FirmWare-> Upgrade

SP Flash Tool FirmWare-> Upgrade

SP Flash Tool FirmWare-> Upgrade

Do not connect the battery to the phone, connect your phone to the cable microUSB (it is implied that the cable was already connected to the computer). The flash is automatic start, without your intervention.

SP Flash Tool - Flash
SP Flash Tool – Flash

Wait until the firmware (it may take considerable time, depending on the power of your PC) At the end of the firmware will see the following window:

Firmware over. Disconnect the phone from the microUSB. Insert the battery in the smart phone, set the rear panel.

After the firmware, go to your rekaveri and make wipe data / factory reset, otherwise the device can not boot on the boot screen.

First start after the firmware will take some time (logo Lenovo “hanging” ~ 1 – 2 minutes)
Make your phone.

Lenovo p70 case, cover a purse for Lenovo p 70

Instructions for obtaining the rights to ROOT Lenovo P70 through the program VROOT (iROOT)

If you can not get a root-rights, you can try this program. Success is 95%. But it is not always the first time))

So, what you need to do:

  • Download vroot from the official website  Vroot (iRoot)
  • Activate the USB Debugging on your phone


  1. Install the program vroot on your computer (it is desirable that the path to the installation does not contain Cyrillic)
  2. Connect your phone Lenovo P70 to your computer via usb cable
  3. Run the program
Lenovo S8 root
Lenovo S8 root


  1. First, the program starts there is something to think (be prepared to “rutirovaniyu”)
  2. Meanwhile, as the program on the computer “thinks” the phone will offer to install a number of Chinese programs. Agree and install them.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT !! One of the Chinese applications to run on their own phone. Its not close !!!!
  4. After successful installation apk-file program on the computer prompts you to install Root. Click on the button “Root” and wait for a miracle)) phone may reboot (maybe even a few times)
  5. If the program appeared joyful droid – all successfully))

Lenovo S8 root

After successful Root-rights can safely remove all kitayschinu also applications where a lion with a crown (Superuser is ours). Who does not like this Chinese SU – change to any of PlayMarket.

There is one version of how to install instead of the normal Chinese SU (what you like), but it may not always work, or the program itself does AutoCorrect: can program folder instead of a file VROOT Superuser.apk put your file. But I can not guarantee that everything will work

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