How to flash Lenovo S90 Sisley, root and custom firmware?

Lenovo Sisley S90, as a flash, how to flash

Instructions firmware smartphone Lenovo S90 Sisley (European or Chinese version of the phone) to the official firmware or custom, as well as unlock Bootloader (loader) in the Lenovo S90 Sisley, getting Root (super user rights) and installation of a custom recovery (rekaveri) TWRP.

Firmware smartphone Lenovo S90 -A Sisley official firmware update through

In order to flash the phone via system update you must first download the firmware that we actually want to flash on the device. This method can flash the original firmware only over the original !!!

Official firmware can be downloaded here –  S90-A_ROW_S131_150310_SD.rar

  • stitched through recovery
  • Languages: Russian , Ukrainian, English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai
  • Keyboard: Multilingual
  • Android 4.4

And now in more detail about the process of installing the firmware on your smartphone Lenovo S90 -A Sisley

After downloading the firmware, unzip the folder should get “sdfuse”, copy this entire folder to the internal memory of your smartphone.
Turn off the phone.
Press the power button and the lower volume key and hold it until the Lenovo logo, and then lock button can be released.
On the phone should boot native rekaveri, it select the item “Update from sd-card”, then the process should start flashing Lenovo S90 -A Sisley. After completing the firmware Choose the item “reboot system now” – phone will restart with a new firmware.

After this update is strongly recommended to enter the smartphone region code!

Changing the region code on your smartphone Lenovo S90 -A Sisley

1. Go to the dialer (phone number nabiratel) and enter the code –  ####6020#

2. Then we get to the list of regions that are looking for there own and select it

lenovo s90, region code, regions code,

3. And confirm your selection. All you have changed the region on the phone.

Unlock BootLoader for Lenovo S90 Sisley (ROW / CN)


One of the main requirements is the presence of a PC running OS Windows 7 (Win8, Win8.1, Win10 does not fit), preferably 32-bit, and 64-bit too amiss.

Fully charge your smartphone and find the complete usb-cable.

Also need to install on your PC all the necessary drivers ( LenovoUsbDriver and Qualcomm_USB_Drivers ) and program-flasher QPST 2.7.422

Check instill the necessary drivers have been installed – for this:

Turn the phone over USB debugging section for developers. If the configuration section “Developers” is missing, go to Settings> About phone [> Device Information] and press 10 times on item build number . Then go to Settings> Developers – includes USB debugging

Connect your phone to the PC via USB-cable, in the dialer dials *#*#8899#*#* and click on «OK».


Open the Device Manager on your PC – you should be as in the screenshot (port numbers may differ).

sisley s90 bootloader

When prompted for the first team ADB c PC on your phone you need to provide access to this action. Put a check “Always allow debugging with this computer” and click “OK”

Unlock Bootloader on the Lenovo S90 sisley

1. Download the archive S90-ROW (CN) _UnLock_BootLoader.7z and extract its contents to the root of any drive.

For the European version of the device ROW (Lenovo S90-A)  S90-ROW_UnLock_BootLoader.7z

For the Chinese version of the device CN (Lenovo S90-U and Lenovo S90-T)  S90-N_UnLock_BootLoader.7z 

2. Run the utility QFIL (Start> All Programs> QPST> QFIL)

In the opened window QFIL fill in the following fields:
  • in the Programmer patch specify the path to the file prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn , for this click on Knop ” Browse “, in the window that opens, specify the path to the folder S90_UnLock_BootLoader , then select the file and click prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn “Open”.
  • click on digging ” Load XML … “, in the window that opens, specify the path to the folder S90_UnLock_BootLoader, then alternately choose – first rawprogram0.xml and click “Open” and then patch0.xml and also click “Open”.

QFIL, Lenovo Sisley - Unlocking BootLoader - Lenovo S90 - custom firmware

3. Make sure that the program QFIL sees smartphone as Lenovo HS-USB Diagnostics.

4. Push the button «Download» and wait the end of the process. Smart phone should reboot with a successful unlocking and boot into Android OS. – Case for Lenovo S90

 Getting Root-rights Lenovo S90 Sisley

The order deistvy:

  • Spend unlocking BootLoader (See above.);
  • Connect your phone to the PC Lenovo Sisley;
  • Turn on the device for debugging USB:
    • If the configuration section “Developers” is missing, go to Settings> About phone [> Device Information] and press 10 times on the item number of assembly;
    • Settings> Developers – Turns on debugging for USB;
    • Install the drivers for ADB, if you have not done so when you unlock the boot;
    • Check in Task Manager that the driver successfully installed.
  • Download the attached file –   Root_S90.7z , then unpack it;
  • Run  Root_S90.bat  and ozhidaem end of the process of obtaining Root.

That’s all your smartphone got super user rights (RooT)

Installing Recovery TWRP for Lenovo S90-A Sisley

Installing TWRP is only possible after unlocking BootLoader !!!
This Recovery has the following additional features:  – Full support for SELinux  – mounting internal SDcard to the PC in MTP – mount USB-flash drives for OTG (USB drive will work with the fat32 file systems and exFAT) – choice FS (ext2, ext3,  ext4, F2FS, exFAT,  FAT32)  for the formatted partition .. – removal of screenshots by clamping power + volume down (stored / sdcard / Pictures / Screenshots) – support OTA – full functionality ADB – Battery operation – Materialised applied theme – Added ability to set img-files (for this transition to Install and in the lower right corner to switch from Zips Images – to sink threads  or in the top pane to switch from Install Zip on the Install Image – for the theme Materialised)

TWRP from Lenovo Sisley post-53625-0-78947100-1427816804_thumb

Installation instruction with the PC

  • Extract from the archive folder TWRP  TWRP-  to the root of any drive
  • On your phone, turn on  debugging by ADB  (on the PC must be installed drivers for ADB)
  • Connect your phone to a PC via usb-cord and run  Flash-TWRP_S90.bat
  • We are waiting for the phone to boot into TWRP
  • You can now disable the  usb-cord
  • Installation is finished. On your smartphone set custom rekaveri (recovery).
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