How to Repair a mouse, an example Rapoo 3710


Broken mouse? And do you think – this repair or buy a new one? It happens that people get used to something and did not want to part with it if the computer mouse is comfortable, functional and fully satisfied with you, but you do not want to spend on the purchase of new, I advise you not to hold a difficult repair. In this article I will tell you how fast and hard to repair the arm.

Most often happens in mice two types of failures, the first – is torn or frayed cable (for wireless mouse does not apply), and do not work or do not work the (sticky, do not press or vice versa takes a double – triple tap), and of course there are other types of but these failures are the most common.

Fracture cable

When the mouse cable breaks, we can proceed in two ways:
1. At the point of break (fracture) with a knife to clean the wires and then twist them observing the color (of course can and solder it will be much better) and then roll up tape, I usually use a tape instead of heat shrink tubing, just, secure and aesthetically pleasing.

2. The second method is more simple, but already requires investment.
We need to buy another cable, or advise buying the original or directly from the Chinese – AliExpress – Mouse USB Cable (without intermediaries are much cheaper). Well, and then parse your mouse and replace the cable, usually inside the mouse cord is attached with connector (there is also soldered, but this happens very rarely, and mostly in the cheapest devices).

Not working mouse button

The buttons on the mouse do not work for several reasons – marriage, dirt and wear.
If the button on the keypad stopped working a month later – two years after the purchase, you have almost one hundred percent probability of marriage. In the case of a longer period – the wear or the penetration of dirt. In any of these cases, you need to disassemble the arm and has more to watch it with her.

2015-05-19 22-00-45 Mouse Micro Key Switch - Search in Google - Google Chrome


In my case, the mouse Rapoo 3710p stop working left button due to wear (this mouse served me faithfully for almost 2 years). The principle of a button, such that the inside is a metal plate which, when the key is pressed and bent connecting pins (purely mechanical effects), and eventually, a physical impact from any metal fatigue occurs and it loses its elastic properties. As it is being repaired? Only the replacement, you can completely replace the (necessary to solder) or just metal plate.

Since I do not possess the art of soldering, I have decided to make the change plate. Individually plates are not sold here because here I bought a ready-made button (fortunately they are not expensive).

Then followed the process of dismantling the mouse.



Reaching the buttons, I carefully disassembled the buttons themselves, with the help of forceps pulled out old records and replaced them with new ones of the previously purchased the buttons.



After all this gathered in a bunch of your mouse rapoo 3710, and voila-all works.

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